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    My 8120 recognizes the SanDisk 8GB MicroSD, but after trying many PCs none recognizes it as a removable drive when connected via USB cable.

    * Device Manager works correctly, syncs, updates.
    * BlackBerry OS v4.5.0.174 (Platform I have formated the MicroSD from the phone succesfully
    * Can explore Media Card folders and Save Videos and Photos
    * Bluetooth connects with phone correctly, yet no media transfer allowed.
    * Media Card configuration:
    - Media Card Support: ON
    - Mass Storage Mode Support: ON
    - Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected: ON
    - Total Space: 7.3GB

    I have powered the phone off and on with the MicroSD.

    Is there anything I can do to move files to my MicroSD on the phone?
    Thanks in advance!
    05-10-10 08:12 AM
  2. MissoulaMarinerFan's Avatar
    Well, the computer won't recognize the actual sd card per se, it should recognize the phone itself. Just think of your phone as a big jump drive. Once the pc recognizes the phone, the whole thing is treated as a jump drive. E.G., I only have a 2 gig sd card, and when I plug in my phone, and look at the properties for it, it recognizes said device as having 2gig worth of room. Anything that you transfer from your pc to your phone, is put on the sd card, even though the pc doesn't "recognize" the sd card, it just recognizes the phone. That said, is the computer not recognizing your phone, or is it recognizing your phone, but not seeing how much space (w/your sd card) your phone really has?
    05-10-10 10:06 AM
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    Thanks for your reply, MissoulaMarinerFan!

    I have tried on several PCs and the phone is recognized always, and can actually sync, install apps, and do anything via Blackberry's Desktop Manager except from using the Blackberry Media Sync.
    Also, of course, Windows does not recognize the Blackberry as a Removable Drive once connected via USB (charge works though).
    05-10-10 12:23 PM
  4. MissoulaMarinerFan's Avatar
    I understand now, your phone is recognized via BBDM (BB desktop manager), but the pc isn't recognizing the phone as a removable device...weird...does windows prompt you to go online and find drivers? If it does, you should let it connect to the internet and see if it can find the drivers, and then try....the other thing you could do is use an "official" approved size sd card (2 or 4 gig...I think, or whatever the "approved" size is), pop that in your phone, and see if it makes any difference. Sorry that I wasn't much help before, I was just trying to understand your problem better. Good luck, and keep updating the thread with your findings!
    05-10-10 12:52 PM
  5. kbz1960's Avatar
    Does any computer recognize the sd card if you take it out of the phone and plug it directly to the computer?
    05-10-10 12:56 PM
  6. ezeares's Avatar
    Thanks MissoulaMarinerFan, I'll try and get some MicroSD if I can (bought this one for the phone).
    kbz1960: I'll get a card reader today and find out. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    05-10-10 01:06 PM
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    I tried with an old card reader with no luck... leaning to think it might be all about the card being MicroSDHC and not just MicroSD.
    I'll try to find a MicroSDHC card reader to confirm this and get back with my findings.
    05-10-10 06:44 PM
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    I confirmed that with the proper MicroSD HC USB reader the card works on all PCs. Sadly I guess I'll never be able to sync music and other media files via USB cable on any of this "old" PCs.

    Hope this information helps to anyone on the same issue.

    Thanks to everyone that replied!
    05-12-10 07:11 AM