1. terpPhD's Avatar
    The scenerio: When I try to sync my Pearl using DM, it runs through the calendar then "encounters a problem and needs to close"

    What I think: Corrupt file hidden sommewhere in the calendar

    What I've tried: Searched the forums, BB website and tried to work through a tech article no success, reinstal of DM, and Pearl reset

    What I am using: VZW, Outlook 2007, Windows XP, BIS so I do not have a tech department. Would I call VZW first?

    Any help greatly appreciated. This is the first real problme I have had with this phone love it som much more than the treo.
    04-27-08 08:23 PM
  2. aaronk717's Avatar
    f you havent already you can definately call vzw. They actually do support bis.
    05-02-08 11:20 PM