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    So this is my first posting and I just wanted to say thank you for all the awesome info that you guys put out there for us newbies. Seriously great site.

    I was wondering if you had any input in a problem I'm having. My problem is that I bought a second hand Pearl 8130 and for the last two months it's worked perfectly.

    After a very short drop on the floor last night, this morning I discovered that when I make or receive calls there's nothing but dead air and no one can hear me on the other end. The phone shows that it's connected and the timer is running but there's nothing there.

    All of the data features work perfectly. It turns out that the phone has seen some water in it's lifetime (I guess I was suckered) but it hasn't had any problems till now.

    Any input as to what might be at issue and is it worth taking to a repair shop?

    Any help would be hugely appreciated...thanks.
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    Sorry, but let me count the possible issues:
    1. Second hand Pearl.
    2. Previous water damage
    3. Dropped.

    Could you have dislodged something in the phone to make the earphone not work? Maybe. Did you try a headset (wired or BT)?
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    Brilliant suggestion, thanks. I hadn't thought of that. I just tried it and with the earphones in it works so I guess I may have dislodged something in the speakers?

    I'm less that impressed that a fall from my couch would make so much trouble.

    The repair guy suggested that that it may be a software problem and to try to reinstall the OS before he charges me to fix it. Strangely, when I hooked it up to the computer, the desktop manager reset my home screen and profile.

    ***************************************UPDATE***** ***********************************

    Ok, so I reset the phone to factory defaults and everything works perfectly. Strange but I'm happy...at least it's working.

    Thanks for replying, Abe. I appreciate it.
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