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    Has anyone had or heard of this problem:

    I bought a spare battery for my new Alltel 8130 through the Crackberry store. I charged it up in my Seidio charger, then put it in my 8130. I got the dreaded battery with a red line through it. Ok, I thought, maybe I got a bad one.

    So I contacted the Crackberry store people and they did an exchange with me for another battery. Very smooth process, by the way. Anyway, I got my replacement today, put it in the phone and again got the dreaded battery with a line through it.

    Both batteries I got were the OEM C-M2 which is the battery that is supposed to be compatible with the 8130. The only difference I noticed between the battery that came with the phone and the batteries send by the Crackberry store was color - the battery that came with the phone was a more vibrant orange color.

    Anyway, has anyone experienced anything like this before? I finally just went to Alltel to get a spare battery through them. Of course, I had to pay THREE TIMES what the Crackberry store was charging, but I needed a battery that would work.

    Thoughts, anyone??
    12-19-07 06:03 PM