1. wolfmotherwill's Avatar
    I'm a second time blackberry user. Had an 8100 which never gave me any trouble. Having some issues with my 8120.

    only just got it - its new (but old stock, obviously).

    It didn't come with the right CD (for the desktop software) and it seems from other forums that I need to reload the onboard software due to some issues:

    1. it keeps restarting (like evey now and then - even with lots of battery and when locked - not while connected to the PC like a lot of people have said though)

    2. It won't send MMS now - some forums say this is due to the memory being used up with excess languages etc (when I only need english) but when I went to fix that with the application loaded (as suggested) the desktop sofware said it was incorrect for my device).

    So - what I need to know is - what do I download to fix it - like what versions of what software and what do I do from there.

    Thanks people

    07-15-09 07:16 AM
  2. mjesenovec's Avatar
    i would recommend using the RIM desktop software 4.5, and downloading the newest available phone OS from your service provider's website. the desktop software can be downloaded from your carrier's site, or blackberry.com
    07-16-09 05:18 PM