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    Ok, newbie here so please be gentle !!

    I have a brand new 8110 given to me by a friend (never been switched on before) , aim was to repace my 8100. Backed up the 8100 using DM, did switch application and all the data etc transferred to the 8110.. all good.. GPRS in upper case, bb activated via DM BUT once I disconnected from the laptop can't access internet, send email etc etc. Corp IT suggested to wipe the 8110 and start again.. that I did but now I only get gprs in lower case, the phone isn't recognised by my laptop (won't charge via usb and DM doesn't see it).. tried to register in bb via HRT> Register.. no response... put the sim back in the 8100 and it works fine.. charges, email, sync etc etc.. HELP !!!
    If it helps I'm on Vodafone and we use a BES.
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