1. SJorge3442's Avatar
    Well, I Just got my phone back on the 17th and i love it for the most part. On thing is it sometimes dies overnight. Some nights i wont plug it in cause it has a good charge on it, but when i wake up, its dead? This has happened twice. Can someone elaborate on why this is happening? If i cannot figure it out, I am going back to ATT and trading the phone in for a blackjack 2

    Thanks Steve
    03-29-09 09:05 AM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    Sounds as if you are leaving one or more applications running in the background, and some of them are rather power hungry, such as GPS.

    Are you closing your apps using the escape or end buttons, or do you use Menu>Close?

    You can check what is running by Menu>Switch
    Application, there should only be 5 on all the time, Home, Messages, Call logs, Messenger, and Browser.

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    03-29-09 09:43 AM
  3. SJorge3442's Avatar
    yea they are all there. None else though. I usually always do menu>close to exit.
    03-29-09 09:47 AM
  4. Pre-dawn raid's Avatar
    yea they are all there. None else though. I usually always do menu>close to exit.
    Usually, huh? Is it possible that on the two times that this has happened that you didn't actually do that? Not trying to be a smart *** but it is possible. Sometimes I discover that I have things running in the background that I forgot to properly close out. Just don't want you to jump back to that Blackjack so quickly.
    03-30-09 01:42 AM
  5. SJorge3442's Avatar
    hahahaha yea i really dont wanna go that route either. Anyway, there really isnt any program that i would leave running other than the media player since i now use my phone as an mp3 player. I will keep a look out this upcoming week to see if i leave it on. I may do a test to see if it is the media player draining the battery.
    03-30-09 09:07 AM
  6. skullgame45's Avatar
    Facebook??? That's a power/memory hungry app!

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    03-30-09 09:11 AM
  7. SJorge3442's Avatar
    nah non of that either. I dont have the data pack (yea i know, i miss out on the cool BB features. I had switched to ATT when i got this phone and it was 100% free with no mail in rebates or anything) I am gonna let it go over night again without being plugged in tonight and i guess i will see what happens.
    03-30-09 02:10 PM