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    Greetings, everyone.

    I know i'm new here and i'm sorry if a) this has been answered somewhere else (although i did search, to no avail) and b) if this is not the exact section to put this question in, but please let me try, and redirect me if needed:

    The situation is as follows:
    Vodafone in Portugal has:

    1 - BB BiS (5 accounts, 10MB) - fine, got it working
    2 - Something called "vodafone email", which is a 100MB data plan (which i wanted), BUT they are saying that 1) and 2) are not compatible, as 2) requires Windows Mobile, and the BB is not supported.

    I have endlessly asked for a data plan, as i want more than the 10MB, but they say... it can't be done.

    I asked if i could get 2) anyway, as my reasoning is "hey, if it's really DATA, you don't care i use Windows Mobile, right? You can control my traffic anyway".

    Their answer: "no, as 2) requires a different connection profile, and (guess) 1) is not compatible with 2). If you want 2), you will not be allowed to have VOICE CALLS".

    I think this is extremely odd. I'm not a guru of BB profiles and carrier compatibility, but i'm getting pissed with Vodafone not wanting to give me ANYTHING except my BB 10Mb BiS.

    I would like to ask Vodafone users out there, in other countries, to please tell me which plans Vodafone has in those countries.

    I have one contact inside Vodafone's HQ here, and i know exactly what Vodafone has worldwide, i can relay the info to her, and she might knock some doors and ask why the **** they are not providing me with what i need.

    I have contacted another carrier here (TMN), who has a 7.5€/100MB data plan, and they told me "well, if your BB can access the internet, our data plan can fit you". And they have BiS too.
    But I just can't change immediately because my BB is a corporate one, and we're "stuck" with Vodafone for another 17 months.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help, it is humbly appreciated.
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    vodafone here and works fine
    03-17-09 02:33 PM
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    The original message is from December 2007, you know.

    NOW mine works fine too. And much better since i changed carrier.
    03-17-09 02:34 PM