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    Hi there. I'm on BB #3, my first was the old-school traditional wide-a$$ full keyboard BB, compliments of my employer. I couldn't stand it, so I bought myself the more phone-like 7100i. I'm no longer with that company, but since I bought the phone, I kept it. And don't currently use it, so... a silly move. Anyone want it?

    They had a BES, and I got used to the wireless calendar sync function. My current employer (heehee - myself) doesn't have a BES, and we aren't likely to get one with two employees. I have an 8100 and AT&T, and am using BIS. Desktop Syncing is NOT an option. I need to schedule appointments away from the shop, and the shop needs to know about it right away.

    I don't have to use the blackberry calendar so long as i can see _a_ calendar with up-to-date information and enter new appointments that push back down to the office PC. I found the app SyncMyCal, which would sync Outlook with a google calendar, which i can access from the BB. This would work for me, except SyncMyCal only works on Outlook 2002 & up, we're still on outlook 2000, and unwilling to go through upgrade headaches.

    Are there any other apps of this type?
    09-04-07 04:42 PM
  2. kasperapd's Avatar
    Yes there is. Look into a hosted BES solution. Just do a Google search for "hosted BES" and you should get several results.
    09-04-07 07:45 PM