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    Hey guys, I just bought my new blackberry 8130 today, and no one I talk to at the sprint store knows about the $30.00 a month data plan for this phone. I even called blackberry customer service and they didn't know. I have read that the $30.00 a month plan includes the unlimited data, email, and telenav. but the sprint store says that there is only the 40.00 a month plan for this phone, which only includes web and email?? is there anyone here who actually has this $30.00 a month data plan? if so, how do I get it??
    11-29-07 04:48 PM
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    That's not true. I'm a tech in a store and we all sell the $30 plan. But the catch is that for the 30 dollar plan you only get Mail, & unlimited data. But no Phone As Modem. PAM can be added for $15 more. So if you're planning on using PAM its best to keep the $40 package.

    Hope that helps

    edit: Not 100% sure about the TeleNav as I don't do sales anymore. But I'll ask as soon as I finish working on this treo.

    edit: I asked our best sales rep and he is confirming the blackberrys new data pack does indeed come with TeleNav. Sweet.
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    11-29-07 04:55 PM
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    There should be an FAQ that tells new users that we (not actually including myself) actually do know more than CSRs, some of the helpful guys here being members of the forum. Bio is right by the way. But where is the disconnect between cell companies and their sales associates?
    11-29-07 05:01 PM
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    The $30 plan does exist as you said. I have it on my Sprint 8130. Currently there are issues with Sprint Navigation. It does come with the plan though. See the following link for more info on the problem:

    11-29-07 05:02 PM
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    Yeah it's called a "Power Pack..." or something or other I have the brochure at home I got from a store. I haven't seen it on the site yet...but they have it. I just hope they keep it long enough for the Curve.
    11-29-07 05:07 PM
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    hey guys thanks for your responses, can someone here give me # to a store that actually can help me out?..right now I have to wait 36 business hours for the blackberry support from sprint to call me back and work this out. I called another store and the sprint person told me that the data package is strictly through blackberry servers that is why it is 40.00 a month, and if I want the Telenav it is another 10.00 a month for a total of 50.00 a month!!??? wtf!!
    11-29-07 05:28 PM
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    i don't know where you live but this is the store I got the brochure from. they all seemed knowledgeable about data packages.

    3453 Foothill
    Pasadena,CA 91107

    --Good Luck.
    11-29-07 05:49 PM
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    The pricing has nothing to do with Blackberry servers. Dial *2 on your phone and as soon as you speak to someone ask to speak with a retention specialist. Be kinda or irked about the whole thing(I would be) and tell them you want the $30 Blackberry Internet Service plan than has unlimited txt msgs, data, and Sprint Navigation. The $40 Plan is the Blackberry Enterprise Service plan. Once they put you on the $30 plan, download Sprint Navigation for a "trial period" of 24 hrs. After 24 hrs, when it doesn't work and is asking you to pay, call up Sprint AGAIN and say that it's supposed to come with the plan, why isn't it working and why is wanting to charge you 2.99 a day or 9.99 a month. Ask to speak to their GPS Nav tech people. I got $10 credited to my account because of the current problems with Sprint Navigation. Really though.. How the employees in the Sprint store have no idea about their own plans is mind boggling to me...

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    11-29-07 07:23 PM
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    i have the 30 doller plan and it has every thing like nav 99 cent down loads web email and unlimted txt its a nice plan
    11-29-07 07:26 PM
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    I just recieved my BB pearl yesterday with sprint and when I called to set up the Power Vision $30 pack I had a lot of problems and no one seemed to know what I was talking about. I finally went to a store and got a brochure but the sprint store was not able to set it up for me cause of some computer problems they were having so i called sprint back and ended up getting a really nice Sprint Customer Service Rep who was able to help me out and get it all set up. He hadnt heard of it at first but after looking around a bit he was able to find it for me. I think it is so new that none of there reps really know about it yet but they should be informing everyone of any changes that happen to support there customers better. Some of the reps tried to tell me it does not include text messaging but it does. it also includes sprint navigation, email and the other basic sprint power vision stuff.
    12-06-07 02:45 PM
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    when i got my pearl i didnt have no problems at all they knew what iwas talking about plus i also got 10 dollar credit every month so 30 - 10 = 20.00
    i can handle that lololol
    12-06-07 03:15 PM
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    when i got my pearl i didnt have no problems at all they knew what iwas talking about plus i also got 10 dollar credit every month so 30 - 10 = 20.00
    i can handle that lololol
    How did you manage this...and is this forever?
    12-06-07 04:57 PM
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    Hi all,

    I have the plan. It seems a lot of people @ Sprint CS do not know about it or anything. It's hard to get onto the plan. Check out this thread: Will Blackberry Data Packs work with SERO? I was told NO... - SprintUsers.com

    12-06-07 09:15 PM
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    Here are the plan details... hope this helps, account services can help if customer service cannot. Ask to cancel your service and you will be transferred there...

    Effective 11/19/07, the $30 Power Vision BlackBerry Data Pack is available in P2K, Premiere, and PSA.

    Effective 11/19, this plan will also be made available in P2K, Premiere, and PSA.

    P2K billed customers will no longer be required to convert to Ensemble/CSM to get this plan.

    $30 Power Vision BlackBerry Data Pack:


    Consumer/Individual Liable Single Line: #C BBPK EVDOSTV3$30

    Consumer/Individual Liable Family Line: #L BBPK EVDOSTV3$30

    Ensemble/CSM: PDSTVBKCE

    $15 Phone as Modem plan (available to $30 BlackBerry Data Pack subscribers):

    #C PAM ATT $15

    Ensemble/CSM: PAM15UNL
    12-19-07 05:56 PM