1. LLBean's Avatar
    1. Is it possible to delete the history option? I've looked around on my BB and online and can't seem to find a solution. I don't like having it displayed, nor do I like it predicting what I am searching for in the browser.

    2. Is it possible to run my BB on moxilla firefox? I use this for my computer and love it. Anyway I can download it as my default browser?

    3. When I open the browser icon, I get a page that displays my bookmarks, history , and the space to type in an web address. Can I change this to somehow open to Google search? Right now I am having to select Google in my bookmarks, then search. Is this how it has to be done?

    AH, I know I know, I'm still such a newbie. But I really appreciate all the help!
    Thanks in advance
    02-26-08 01:02 PM
  2. chaz_cb's Avatar
    while in browser, hit menu, options, Cache operations, Clear history
    No Firefox for BB... yet
    While in browser, menu, options, Browser config, At the bottom you can choose home page.
    02-26-08 01:12 PM
  3. LLBean's Avatar
    Thanks for the quick reply Chaz!

    I cleared the history as you said and it worked. Will it stay this way, or it that something I will need to continue doing?

    Bummer about the firefox

    I did what you said about making it my homepage and it didn't work. Is a reset in order afterwards??
    02-26-08 01:16 PM
  4. Member_No.1's Avatar
    LL...Open the page you want as your home page. The go to Browser Options>browser Config>Scroll to the bottom, click use current. When you click the back key it should ask if you want to save.
    02-26-08 01:22 PM
  5. LLBean's Avatar
    It still shows that one page when I open up the browser
    02-26-08 01:25 PM
  6. neilwick's Avatar
    You just have to keep deleting your history if you don't want it. Menu>Options>Cache Operations, click on "Delete History"

    In Menu>Options>Browser Configuration you can change Start Page to Home page and change your home page to http://www.google.com/m (the "m" will give you the mobile version)
    02-26-08 01:27 PM
  7. Member_No.1's Avatar
    Did you open the page you wanted as your home page? And you click use current. Did it ask if you wanted to save? And you restarted your browser. That's weird, works for me. I even tried changing mine and all was well. Hmmm.... Maybe a battery plug is in order, then retrying.
    02-26-08 01:29 PM
  8. LLBean's Avatar
    Once i went in and changed my start page to home page it worked. thanks
    02-26-08 02:05 PM
  9. DrunkTU's Avatar
    I cannot change my homepage from the software download page for facebook. It is stuck as my browser's home page with no option to rename the home page. Any thoughts?
    02-26-08 03:18 PM
  10. Adlen's Avatar
    We will be saved...

    ...FireFox Mobile is in development!
    02-26-08 03:57 PM
  11. Gadgetgeek's Avatar
    We will be saved...

    ...FireFox Mobile is in development!
    YAY!!... but last I heard, not for BB

    Haven't checked recently... has this changed?
    02-26-08 06:14 PM
  12. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Got this from Mozilla's site today regarding device support
    Mozilla's schedule for firefox mobile:
    Q1 2008
    * Optimize existing support on Windows Mobile 6. (i.e. HTC S730)
    * Optimize existing support for Linux (i.e. the N810.)
    Q2 2008
    [ Nothing new in Q2 here. ]
    Q3+ 2008
    [ Open to discussion. ]
    02-26-08 06:32 PM
  13. Gadgetgeek's Avatar
    Thanks Chaz, yep thats bout what I recalled. Unfortunately not looking good for our BBs seeing it in near future.
    02-26-08 06:39 PM
  14. Member_No.1's Avatar
    Thanks Chaz, yep thats bout what I recalled. Unfortunately not looking good for our BBs seeing it in near future.
    Congrats! .... Master!
    02-26-08 06:40 PM
  15. Gadgetgeek's Avatar
    Well thank you Sir Pete

    I give ya bout 15 mins until you're right there with me.
    02-26-08 06:47 PM
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    ooooh gadget MASTER....

    ****bowing slowly****

    02-26-08 06:58 PM
  17. garbagefairy1967's Avatar
    You guys are silly......LOL
    02-26-08 07:10 PM
  18. anon1120835's Avatar
    anything new with firefox on bb?
    03-05-08 08:24 AM