1. pbarry00's Avatar
    The first issue was with the ear piece speaker. It just sounded like it was blown. Called and got it replaced with out an issue but just wondering if that's common?

    My other issue is a bit annoying but not major. I've noticed about half the time when I add a number to my phone book and hit save my pearl just locks up and needs a battery pull. Luckily the information is saved the first time. Don't think its a memory issue as I'm usually well above 12mb. Just wondering if anyone else out there has this issue or a work around. Also I'm on the latest OS.

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    02-19-09 07:36 PM
  2. dshtykalo's Avatar
    Mark me down for have the same problem with the earpiece and after numerous battery pulls it started working again. I dont really know what had happened but now I have upgraded from 4.3 to 4.5 and my fingers are crossed that it wont happen again.
    02-19-09 11:44 PM
  3. djnorman's Avatar
    I have experienced the phone book issue, but I don't pull the battery on it. It comes back in a minute or 3.
    My guess is that it's sorting or making space in the contact list to insert the data. And is painfully slow at it.
    I notice it more so if its been a long time since last reset and low on memory while trying to edit entires near the beginning.
    I don't know it this correct, but when I export the contact list, there is only a place holder for the blank entries. No space to add anything unless space is inserted. Wether it stores internally in the same manner, I don't know.

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    02-20-09 12:56 AM
  4. walds11's Avatar
    Ear piece problem on my late 8100.

    No memory issues here.
    02-20-09 04:40 AM
  5. outlawrider06's Avatar
    My pearl was locking up with the phone book issue but since i've upgraded to 4.5 it hasn't done it

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    02-20-09 07:44 AM