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    I can't believe nobody can write RIM code to play wma and flac files! Mercy!
    07-08-11 01:24 AM
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    I dunno what player you're trying; the BB native media player streams WMA files just fine. While the Flip doesn't support Flac, later OS6 BBs do.
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    07-08-11 09:00 AM
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    Thanks for the reply,I did get Windows Media Player 11 to Sync my wma lossless to 192k MP3's so I could listen to my Maxell Crystal earbuds. My os is I guess I need to update the os. I am very new to BB, this is my 1st smartphone. Any help is much appreciated,Alan
    07-13-11 05:17 AM
  4. hubermania's Avatar
    Jeez those must be huge files. My first MP3 player was an iRiver with 256MB memory (same size as the microSD that came with the Flip), so I've set up my WMP rip options to yield 50-95Kbps variable rate WMA files that are 3-6 meg each. At the time I thought it was the best compromise between size and sound, and I never got around to changing it. YMMV.
    07-13-11 11:07 AM
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    Yes, as my moniker implies, I am an audiophile. I have a new Yahama HT receiver connected to my custom HTPC, I build HTPC's and mine has an Asus Xonar DS-R soundcard toslinked digital connected to the Yamaha RX-V465 and I play flac and lossless WMA files at the highest quality to Infinity and Cambridge SoundWorks speakers 5.1 system with Yamaha powered subwolfer. 192k is the choice rip for me.
    I bought an 8 gig memory card PYN, Iv'e used 2 gig so far of guitarist like Bill Frisell, Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Ry Cooder, Townes Van Zant, the list goes on an on!
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    07-14-11 03:01 AM