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    Hi all!

    My friend has a blackberry pearl flip. He had been complaining of it shutting off and taking a long time to come back on (3 and 4 hours). The other night when he plugged it up to charge it cut off again and the next morning it had not rebooted. His charger works because it charges my phone. He said he messed with it for a few minutes and finally got the red light to come on, a few minutes afterwards a white screen came on with a picture of a battery and a lighning bolt through it. I had that happen to my phone once and it was extremely dead. He put it back on the charger and it will still not come on. He's tried different batteries and still nothing. When you put a different battery in the red light comes on and stays on and it has a black screen. What could be the problem. Can it be saved or should he just try and get a new phone??
    04-12-11 10:21 AM