1. tigrovayalilya's Avatar
    I've been having some troubles with my 8220 lately. A couple of weeks ago the screen went colorful static with the "loading" clock in the middle, before that there was the whole rebooting by itself problem. All this was fixed be deleting all the data from the phone. But now it's something new. I can't get into my SMS inbox! I can send messages, I can read received messages of the small outside screen, but I just can't get into the inbox itself (and see message history etc). This is driving me insane, because I hate it when I have unread messages and reading them off the small screen doesn't help. How can I fix this problem? I really love this phone and it's only been with me for 6 months! Taking it back to the store isn't an option because it was bought in the US and I'm currently living in Russia.
    07-16-11 01:21 PM
  2. tigrovayalilya's Avatar
    Update! Crisis averted! My phone was blackmailing me into downloading the new BB app world...
    07-17-11 03:28 AM