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    thanks in advance for advice...
    8220 w/
    Dm v 46014

    my bb 8220 has been going downhill for the last several months. Starting with dropped calls, in-ability to place calls, failed bluetooth...

    I've tried removing an app or two (I do not use much, maps, viigo, ubertwitter) and have resolved some minor issues this way but i think the phone is beyond this now.

    Bluetooth failed 2-3 months ago. battery drain started a month or two ago. cannot make it overnight on a charge. Usually cannot receive and place calls in the am...battery pull usually, temporarily fixes this...until tomorrow...

    Now texting is affected, email...battery pull first thing in the am helps.

    time to wipe? new OS? upgrade DM? (I do back up and sync often)

    Also reading about os 4.6.305 /f85/newest-8220-os-v4-6-0-305-multilanguage-337031/
    Tmobil still at 181

    Also ocasionally come across something about "re-send service books"

    Thanks again
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    04-24-10 11:50 AM
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    New os may help everything except bluetooth, which is a hardware issue. If it's that bad why not try? Have you tried Tmobile about a replacement?

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    04-25-10 06:48 AM
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    I'd ask TMobile for a replacement.
    04-25-10 05:27 PM
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    thanks, but no luck on the replacement...I inquired months ago when I had difficulty un-clogging the trackball...when they discovered the cracked outer screen they treated me like the plague. (as I'm a construction guy, I am admittedly rough on my phones).
    I got from this forum that the Bluetooth is a known issue.
    am I correct in assuming 1st Wipe, then new os?
    Also, should I stay with t-mobile official OS 181 or the latest 5xx something (available here somewhere)..

    Love the design/not fluffy on the performance/anxious for the next flip
    04-27-10 06:47 AM
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    The leak is pretty buggy. I had a hard time just installing it on my 8230. GPS was totally disabled, even in BB Maps. I didn't really have any other problems, myself, but since I wanted the GPS to work, I went back to You might try the listed at the top of this forum.
    04-27-10 09:01 AM
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    thanks in advance for advice...
    8220 w/
    Dm v 46014
    Wow, that is the original OS that came on the phone. You definitely need to update the OS. It will help a LOT with battery life and performance issues, and may reduce call drops.


    You might also have a lot of cruft in your in-memory databases. Go to Options->Status, press the Menu key and select Database Sizes. Check to see whether any of the database sizes jumps out at you. Address book, attachment data, calendars, and especially messages can all grow to a decent size over time. At one time my RMS Databases, which store application data, were taking up 4MB. I wiped the RMS Databases using Desktop Manager; later I had to reactivate a few of my purchased apps.

    Finally, clear the event log. From your home screen, hold down the Alt key and type LGLG. This will bring up the log. Press the Menu key and select Clear Log.
    04-28-10 01:35 PM
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    Someone posted they had their phone shut down for 2.5hrs one day and their Bluetooth just started working again when they turned it on. So out of a lack of better options I shut down my phone last night, took out the battery, and left it over night.
    This morning my Bluetooth is up and running. Blew my mind.
    08-18-10 12:17 PM