1. tfandan19's Avatar
    Like the title says, I replaced the LCD in my 8220 Flip and now the phone won't turn on. I've done battery pulls, and checked that the LCD was installed correctly. I don't know what else to do. When I take the battery out, then put it back in, the red light flashes once then it doesn't stay lit. Any suggestions?
    03-28-10 02:55 AM
  2. tfandan19's Avatar
    03-28-10 03:10 PM
  3. aznlgcy's Avatar
    you might be out of luck.... besides that make sure the pins are connected securely and plug it in for a couple of hours. I replaced one o my blackberry's lcd a few months back and some reason when I finished replacing the lcd, the battery was dead. Sorry
    03-28-10 04:02 PM
  4. tfandan19's Avatar
    would a new battery help?
    03-28-10 05:36 PM
  5. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Was the battery fine before you replaced the screen?
    03-28-10 06:34 PM
  6. tfandan19's Avatar
    Yup. fully charged. which is why i'm confused...
    03-28-10 06:34 PM
  7. pshift's Avatar
    Double check your connections. If you are not careful during disassembly, you may have pulled a wire from the back of the screen or the circuit board.
    03-29-10 10:28 AM
  8. trevor83's Avatar
    I am experiencing similar issue but I did not do any work on my phone. It locked up in an app so I pulled the battery. Now the LED will light up red for 10 seconds and then go off. Nothing on the screen. When plugged in to the computer, the computer will recognize something is plugged in only while the LED is on. The phone will not boot up far enough for DM to see it. There was nothing wrong with the phone physically, just had a freak lock up. I have an 8230. Phone has had no issues since I bought it new, no physical damage, no water damage. Any suggestions?
    04-22-10 02:43 PM