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    I know it's old, but I cannot get the Pearl 8230 Flip to sync...the 8130 candybar style synced fine. Using USB cable, Error message says "computer needs to have access to internet for initial sync setup".

    I have reloaded BB Desktop software, turned off wireless sync on phone (I think) and don't know what else to do.

    Can anyone help me with this relic?
    03-30-11 08:19 AM
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    You've already
    1) Re-installed the DM on you computer
    2) Test synced with a different BB
    That eliminates bad DM program, bad sync cable, bad USB port on the computer, in short most everything on the computer side

    That leaves us with
    1) Bad OS on the phone (Clean re-install of the OS, and that cant be done without connecting to the computer) Is the phone loading up and working after a hard reset (Battery Pull) When you connect the USB cable to the phone is the computer showing it is connected to the micro SD card in the phone, even if the phone isn't connecting to the BB DM.

    2) Bad mini USB port on the phone (Replace the mini USB, very difficult and should only be done in a repair shop) Even if the phone is charging when connected it still might be the mini USB. I have taken apart the 8220 (not easy) and the mini USB is soldered to 4 mounting brackets, but more importantly it is connected to 5 very fine solder ribbons on the board for charging and data. These can be damaged very easily by someone who is a little rough (and loosened one of the mounts) when they use the connection.

    Do a battery pull and try to re-connect. Let us know what you find out after you check out the above. Good luck
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    Thanks J
    I can use the phone..... back-up, restore...I've pulled the battery.....updated the device software online (VER the desktop software online (VER 6.0.1 B21)...wiped and restored the device...I THINK I've turned wireless sync off...I can even sync Media....... but not the ORGANIZER! Frustrating!!

    Any more thoughts? Should I dig up the old disk from the 8120 pearl box and reload the desktop software from an older version?

    BTW - error message appears to be Explorer dialog box:
    " Your computer must be connected to the internet in order to initially configure syncronization settings. Please ensure that you are able to connect to the internet and try again."

    RETRY.............. or ............CANCEL
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    tnscrackberry, I've been trying to compare your sync to mine and I don't see much in the differences.

    We both know it's not the micro USB connector (good news) because when you connect you can, as you say, back up and restore, even sync media.

    We can hope it's not the new OS, because as you say, it has been wiped (a good thing) and updated to the latest Beta .309 and you have not had error messages or phone problems since the update. You might consider a down grade to the carrier approved OS and not the Beta, even though the .309 software has been reported to be as solid as a rock by many people on the flip forum who have allot of experience, and I haven't seen any posts with sync problems on .309 (I'm still using the TMO ver on mine)

    Not sure about the error message on the computer, might have something to do with this whole wireless connection thing you talk about, but seems to be a windows explorer issue, not related to the new DM or your phone, as you say, you have downloaded the new DM ver 6.0,1.B21 and after you downloaded you have used the USB cable as your connection (never configured for BT wireless since downloading new DM), and it is working for back up, etc. just not configured (or syncing) for organizer data.

    I have updated from DM 4.6 (what came on the disc) to DM (GSM 8220 on Tmobile) without incident or problems. When I went to the Blackberry website to download the DM 6,0 ver I logged into "my blackberry" before downloading, this always ensures me that I am getting the right software for my phone. You might double check the DM ver you are using to be sure it is for the CDMA 8230.

    Other than those two things, OS downgrade from Beta .309 and check DM ver to be sure it is right one for your phone, I got very little more for you to check or try as you have already done what most of us are going to suggest.

    Hope it one of those, and if it isn't, repost in this thread, and beg one of the Pearl Flip gurus, like hubermania, or others to come out and take a look at your problem.

    Edit: If you can't get a fix for your problem in the Flip Forum, repost in this thread and ask a Moderator if he can move this thread to something like the Desktop Manager section for a new look by different people.

    BTW: Just out of curiosity, have you connected you computer to the internet, and retried the connection just to be sure that is not it.
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    04-12-11 05:30 PM
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    As soon as I downloaded the upgrade to the desktop software this morning, synced perfectly.
    Must have been glitch in the version.
    Thanks for the help!
    04-20-11 07:13 PM
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    tnscrackberry, I guess the new 6.0 DM must have a glitch in it, I haven't had any pre update problems, but after hearing about yours I'll be sure to stop clicking on "remind me later" and do that update to be safe.

    Anyway, glad to hear it working for you.
    04-20-11 09:44 PM