1. deepy's Avatar
    i am deepak from india. i have activated blackberry 8230 verizon us phone on reliance cdma india. i came to know that blackberry services will not work on it as it is imported from another country. but 1x data services can be activated.
    please help me to configure my phone with reliance 1x data services.
    i shall be thankful to you.
    08-12-11 12:05 PM
  2. dev.jha's Avatar
    I am unable to activate verizon blackberry pearl flip 8230 in india with reliance..
    plz help me to activate this phone..
    plz tell me the procedure fpr activation with reliance...

    thanks in advance....
    08-13-11 10:43 AM
  3. RedGreenBlue's Avatar
    I have an 8220, not an 8230, and don't use the Internet on it, but I do know that you have to set up data services to use the Internet and send picture messages--and I have done latter successfully on my unlocked 8220. So, these are the two steps I suggest.

    1. Find the APN (access point name) for TCP for your carrier. (You should be able to get this information from your carrier's Web site.) On your phone, go to the Options icon, open it and select Advanced Options. Then select TCP/IP. Make sure that APN settings are enabled and fill in the required APN on the second line (you probably will have to replace a previous entry). See the T-Mobile instructions for this operation as an example: T-Mobile Support Community: Set the TCP and Access Point Name (APN) settings on the device - BlackBerry (All Devices).

    2. If you haven't already, download from RIM the Blackberry User Guide for your phone: BlackBerry Pearl - Manuals and Guides. It has more instructions on how to set up and use data services on the phone. (In addition to enabling APN settings and entering the correct APN, you will need at least to be sure your browser is correctly configured.)
    08-13-11 10:56 AM