1. Federicongo's Avatar
    Hope someone can help...I get up at 6:50am to get my kids ready for school and my BB flip has always been reliable until recently. Nowadays (for the past couple of months or so) the alarm sounds sometimes...I guess the average would be %60 of the time; the other times, the phone comes on (it wakes up, in other words) but NO ALARM!! HELP!! Any ideas?? Thank you,

    04-01-11 02:57 PM
  2. Jaszman's Avatar
    I assume you've done the usual battery pull (Hard Reset).

    Cleared all the clock settings and reentered them ensuring that everything is in order and unchanged.

    Have you received any uncaught exception error, or any other error messages lately

    Is there any new software that you've downloaded lately, GPS or other that might affect the time zone settings with your phone, new alarm tones that might have corrupted any files within the clock software, etc
    04-03-11 11:19 AM