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    I realize similar topics have been posted elsewhere, but I have read the baords and search the internet and haven't found an answer that works yet. My phone is an 8220. I got it handed down from my sister and did not get any discs, software or media cables from her. I finally bought a media cable and installed the Desktop manager from the blackberry site, version 6. However, when installing it it never asked me whether to install with or without media support and I did not see a separate download on the blackberry site. I do not have a media/memory card for my phone so any pictures I've taken or ring tones I have are saved on the phones own internal memory.

    What I am trying to do is copy the pictures I've taken from the phone's memory to my PC. I would also like to be able to upload ring tones to the phone in this same fashion. However I can not seem to figure this out with the desktop manager. Everywhere online there are instructions that tell me to make sure that mass storage mode on my phone is enabled which it is and then to open desktop manager and within desktop manager to click media manager. There is no "media manager" option in desktop manager 6. When I connected my phone the first time to have media manager recognize it, it does but the option to sync "media" is grayed out and I cannot select it. I know it recognizes my phone because it displays the info in the top right corner and I have updated the os on my phone.

    I have posted links to pictures (since it won't let me post actual pics yet, silly thing, just copy and past in the url line of your browser after the hypter-text transfer protocol tag) of the screen I got when connecting my phone the first time (it no longer comes up on subsequent connections, unless I select the menu option to forget my device) and one of the desktop manager screen. When I select music, pictures or videos under the media sync option it "A problem occurred while attempting to connect to your blackberry device." and a link to "Troubleshoot my connection" which doesn't help in the slightest.


    I read somewhere online that older versions of desktop manager included roxio media software. I have tried to find this roxio software, but their site just redirects me to the blackberry site to download the current desktop manager which puts me back to the beginning. Also I have not seen any links anywhere in any of the threads that recommend using an older version of the desktop manger to downloads to be able to obtain older versions.

    What I want to do is to be able to transfer files from my phone memory without a media card to my PC and vise versa. I can't afford a media card and I don't take alot of pictures or anything to warrant getting one. Does anyone know how I can do this?

    I appreciate any help I can get on this. so far looking online and at various forums haven't yield any useful results, so I am keeping my fingers crossed I can get some good feedback here.

    Thanks in advance
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    You can get the older Desktop Manager from the BlackBerry Desktop and Device software download page. Click the link below. Scroll down to the Europe section and choose TIM Italy. From the drop-down list, choose Desktop Manager v4.7 and click Next. On the page that follows click the 2nd Download link, which is under "Desktop Manager 4.7.0 B59 Multilanguage - With Media Manager". That download will have the Roxio Media Manager. Enjoy!

    BlackBerry - BlackBerry Desktop and Device Software Download Sites
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    Awesome! Thank you this worked perfectly, I was able to copy the pictures from my phone to my pc. I haven't tried uploading any ring tones yet, but I'll post back here if I have any issues with it when I get the chance to try it out. Thank so much, I really appreciate it!!
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