1. flipped4flip's Avatar
    My flip started turning off the radio (goes into SOS mode) intermittently at any time and the only way I can find to fix it is to turn it off and back on again.
    I have upgraded to .200 but I did that some time ago. Any ideas?
    01-24-09 07:47 PM
  2. canadiantdi's Avatar
    Check to see if your Simcard is loose.

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    01-24-09 09:41 PM
  3. misfitpierce's Avatar
    Simcard could be only problem I could see as said unless BB is not taking a fond liking to the .200 OS update... Perhaps revert to .180 or another to see if it fixes the problem?
    01-25-09 10:32 AM
  4. moosehead2000's Avatar
    There's radio on the 8220? Ummmm, I can't locate it. Please tell!!
    01-25-09 10:59 AM
  5. misfitpierce's Avatar
    Radio as in the wireless signal for service he means... not like AM/FM Radio heh...
    01-25-09 02:23 PM
  6. paulgodden's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem. WR goes on and off. I spent about an hour on the phone with a TM blackberry tech and pretty much got to the stage where I need to send it to RIM under factory warranty.. Anyone know a quick way to do this??
    01-25-09 07:49 PM
  7. lalifeguards's Avatar
    There's radio on the 8220? Ummmm, I can't locate it. Please tell!!
    Looking for an AM/FM radio? try:


    Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations

    Flycast Radio
    01-25-09 08:00 PM
  8. Bullfrog110MB's Avatar
    The 8220's are notorious for sim card errors and SOS errors.
    The problem is that the phone is built so cheaply the sim card readers are no better than the plastic frame.

    The fix:

    Slip a piece of paper, wood, another sim card, or something in there to hold the sim card down and firmly in place.

    I have used a splinter of wood shaped like a wedge before, but another sim card on top works fine.
    01-26-09 01:10 AM
  9. tanayjain's Avatar
    01-26-09 03:53 AM
  10. misfitpierce's Avatar
    Well I have not had a problem on it yet... Just stick to .180 highest from T-Mobile atm and battery pull it... also try blowing out where sim card is to make sure its clean and sim card is connecting fine and correctly... Make sure sim card is not scratched all out and messed up as well and contacts are clean... All I can suggest.
    01-26-09 05:49 PM
  11. flipped4flip's Avatar
    I used a plastic guitar pick on top of the sim card and, so far, it works like a dream. I first tried the sim in my old 8110 and it worked fine there.
    Thanks for all the help.
    01-27-09 04:00 PM