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    Hello Everybody....
    I made this weed theme for my BB Flip with OS 4.6......I seen that some other people are asking for one....So I thought I would Post it......I am still new at this.....So I zipped the alx. file and cod. file of the theme so I can post it.....All you have to do is download it to your computer...Unzip it and use the BB Desktop Manger to load it to your phone.....Hope it works and ENJOY
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    03-26-09 06:33 PM
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    cool theme!

    here's another good one!

    420 Weed Theme for BlackBerry - Themes Blackberry Software
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    i guess even the 8220 has to enjoy 420! LOL nice work!
    09-20-09 01:30 AM
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    09-26-09 11:10 AM