1. stevenandwes's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I'm still learning Plazmic, but from the downloads I saw from my "Dark Knight" theme, somebody out there likes this stuff. So I present unto thee, "Transformers."

    I again used the zen them as a starting point, cause I like the zen them. Changed some colors around, used the font from the "Transformers" movie, and threw up some custom picks.

    The link below contains the .alx file, along with everything else needed to edit this theme.


    Transformers 8220 Theme
    02-06-09 12:57 AM
  2. Jsolts's Avatar
    That kick ***.....can you make a version using the today theme? Or maybe just the calendar part. I need my calendar on the homescreen.
    02-06-09 04:21 PM
  3. stevenandwes's Avatar
    I had a request for a Transformers theme, but based on the popular "Today" set up. So here it is:

    I imagined that the person who requested this used their phone primarily for business, so I only made the Transformers font on things that were easily readable. Everything else is in the 8220 font.

    The zip below includes the .alx and all the files necessary to edit this yourself, as always.

    It also contains a special sound clip to complete the Transformer get up.

    Check it out!

    Transfomers Today
    02-06-09 08:48 PM
  4. misfitpierce's Avatar
    Decided to download the Today version myself... Love today themes better myself... It looks pretty good but i'll install onto my device in a bit(it's on my computer)... Too lazy atm but it looks great and thanks!
    02-06-09 10:20 PM
  5. The_Shawn's Avatar
    nice work!
    02-06-09 10:45 PM
  6. stevenandwes's Avatar
    Thanks, if you guys are transformer fans, you definitely should lke the 1 second sound clip I put in there

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    02-07-09 12:37 AM
  7. misfitpierce's Avatar
    I'm using Reflex 2.0 Today Plus atm from Bplay.com but I got this theme and it works and looks great. Not too custom but looks good with front screen transformers image and I like the text. Great work on theme, although not too custom as said it still looks great buddy. So thanks again!
    02-07-09 12:42 AM
  8. smokehouses107's Avatar
    Sorry I am new to this and just need an idea on how to download a theme. i just have the basic themes that came with my 8220. I have never downloaded one before.When i click on the Transformer link which box do i check off? Are they 3 different themes or do i download all 3 ?
    02-07-09 01:40 AM
  9. misfitpierce's Avatar
    You only need the today or regular one... you take the .alx file inside and install by hitting browse in add/remove apps inside the blackberry application where it says add/update apps... then hit add/remove apps... then hit browse... find .alx file and add it then hit next and continue and it should install.. You can google how to install themes on blackberry using .alx file and you can get instructions in detail.
    02-07-09 02:05 AM
  10. smokehouses107's Avatar
    your instructions are good. i am at the point where i hit browse. i have the zip file saved onto my desktop.i double click the file and it shows the alx file . i click on that and it won't let me open it. it asks for the program that created it. i think i have to download something to open the alx file so that the application loader recognizes it.the loader won't recognize it when it searches.any suggestions?
    02-07-09 11:10 PM
  11. stevenandwes's Avatar
    hmm, you might want to try downloading the Plazmic Theme Builder
    02-08-09 12:04 AM
  12. smokehouses107's Avatar
    thanks for the help. i have been searching and reading other posts i believe you are right in that i need the Plazmic Theme Builder. I searched the blackberry web site and get some hits back for "plazmic theme builder". I know the screen size is important in picking the right one. My operating system is v4.6.0.174. Just to be right.. I download the 4.6 but how do i know if its for the 8220.
    02-08-09 10:03 PM
  13. sam123gil's Avatar
    very nice theme
    02-08-09 10:06 PM
  14. smokehouses107's Avatar
    I managed to figure out the Plazmic and downloaded your theme. Thanks it looks great
    02-10-09 02:13 PM