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  1. suzanne031704's Avatar
    ok, i know some of my questions are probably gonna seem like dumb ones to the crackberry genius, but please bear with me, lol. i just got a bb and know nothing about them, trying to learn though. i have a 8230 pearl flip and would like to get a new theme. have no idea what im doing! can i download a 8220 theme for this phone, or does it have to be specifically for the 8230? i really dont want to mess my phone up. where is the best place to find really cool free themes for my phone? anyone looking to mentor a newbie? lol.
    07-27-09 03:46 PM
  2. CARTEEUSMC's Avatar
    8230 Theme - Themes4BB.com - Free Blackberry Themes


    have fun. Search the forums here at Crackberry. And welcome to the Crackberry world! There are a lot of how to forums on this site and if you ever have a problem, we the the Crackberry Nation will be sure to help you out. And to answer your question specifically you have to Download Themes only for your BlackBerry. And Over the Air (OTA) usually works the best. You can Download them straight off your phone

    PS: Don't ever mention anything about hating Verizon. People here do not like that. But guess what....I hate Verizon
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    07-27-09 03:50 PM
  3. suzanne031704's Avatar
    thanx sooo much, ur awesome
    07-27-09 04:40 PM
  4. mudpiegirl's Avatar
    I just want to add a note of caution (sort of--) It's been my personal experience that many themes that are posted as compatible with the 8230 have only been tested on a 8220 running the 4.6.0 OS. This has led to me getting my hopes up and wasting my time on themes that eventually just would not work properly (although no real damage was ever done to my phone.) So if you want to save time in the long run, I'd check to make sure it really has been tested on a 8230 and a 4.6.1 OS. So far about I'm batting about .125 with this.
    07-28-09 02:54 PM