09-29-09 08:11 PM
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  1. trueblue450's Avatar
    sweet theme man! thanks love it
    08-21-09 09:32 AM
  2. sookster54's Avatar
    Hi, I love the KDE theme, I'm a Linux user and loved KDE for the longest time. The only problem is not being able to change the fonts in the menu/contacts/message list which is difficult for my eyes, I don't suppose there's any way to fix that or would it require the author to specifically do it as part of the theme?
    09-28-09 11:05 AM
  3. bassmig's Avatar
    One of the nicest themes I have tried on my flip! I think we have a winner! thanks for sharing!!!

    After playing with it some more the only odd thing is the battery indicator bar other than that it's an absolutely beautiful theme. Do you have more for the 82XX? I have created a few basic zen themes but far from anything close to this.
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    09-29-09 08:11 PM
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