1. habika's Avatar
    hey everyone, i am new to this site here but i have had a BB now over a year, since ive had it i have searched high and low for that perfect theme with no results... i have also attempted to create a theme.. but my patience level for that grew very thin very quickly... lol

    now I was wondering if there would be anyone out there that would be willing to make a theme for me??

    really just a simple one, im looking for something that has different pinks and a dark brown...(pink as the menu backgrounds and dark brown as the font) id like it to have a transparent top dock thingy so if I change my background you can see the full image.. im also looking to have the the icons on the bottom of the screen. and if the icons could be custom icons to, that would be great.

    if anyone would be willing to make this for me, please let me know, I would really appreciate it.

    07-28-09 06:09 PM