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    i am new and wondering how to i put a new theme on my pearl 8120.

    thanks in advance
    08-26-09 09:05 AM
  2. KillYouWithMyMind's Avatar
    There are a couple ways to do it.
    You can-
    A) Download the theme from a website OTA (Over the air) thru the web browser on your phone. In this case, the theme will most likely install itself and you can select it thru the options> theme menu.
    B) You can download the theme on your PC/laptop/Mac and install it to your phone using the DM (Desktop Manager) software application loader.

    I prefer to use step A because it is normally easier. Step B sometimes requires updating the OS on your phone or your DM software due to compatibility issues.
    In either case, I recommend once you have the theme installed you do a battery pull. The themes I've installed on my phone almost always require a battery pull before they function properly.
    Hope this helps you out.
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    08-26-09 09:32 AM