1. 1cocoonedbeauty's Avatar
    Hello everyone...
    alright i hope i dont get in trouble for posting on here.. i really hate forums cause i honestly have no clue how to use them... BUT I AM SO UPSET RIGHT NOW

    I have a blackberry 8120 Sandstone... you know the pretty pink one with its on theme for the phone... alright well i went and backed up my phone for the first time since i got it... and now that everything is up and running again i realize that the theme is going... thinking that i can just go change it i went to themes but guess what it is gone.. so i was just wondering if anyone out there knows how i can get the sandstone theme back for my phone.. thanks and have a great day everyone.
    05-27-09 05:32 PM
  2. amyh074's Avatar
    anyone? i am trying to help someone with the same problem. I looked in her 'preloaded' photos and it isn't there... WHERE DID IT GO? lol
    10-23-09 05:59 PM