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    I have search high and low for a Jeff Gordon theme for a Pearl 8110. There doesn't seem to be one in existance.

    I did find one that is perfect for hubby but it isn't for the Pearl. Can someone PLEASE make one?

    The theme I found that can be used as a reference is here:
    Free Jeff Gordon Zen Theme For BlackBerry 8300 Curve | BerryReview.com

    BTW: I have to be able to download to my computer for installation on his BB.
    02-19-09 12:14 AM
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    There are thememakers in the BlackBerry themes forum. You might shoot them a PM or post a message on their thread. Just an idea, probably get things moving a little faster for you.

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    02-19-09 01:24 AM
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    Again, BergerKing, thank you. Followed what you said and I have found someone who does NASCAR themes. I am on my way to PMing this person now. Thaaaank you!
    02-19-09 09:24 PM
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    De nada. Glad I could help.

    BTW, if you wanna laugh, check my CrackBerry No.5 song I posted in BB Connect forum.

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    02-19-09 09:38 PM