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    I spent a lot of time tweaking this theme until I was finally satisfied. This is for the pearl 81xx model with OS 4.5 and above. It's a today plus theme but just with messages I don't really need the calender. I have a 8120 and it works well on it. I really like the blues on this theme, and yeah I know theres a hundred other themes with the same name The alx and cod files are in the Zip. I really haven't experimented with any other wallpapers so I'm not sure how it will look if they are changed. Update: I added version 2.1 with the carets improved.
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    04-26-09 04:33 PM
  2. scottjb's Avatar
    Nice job. Thanks.
    04-27-09 12:02 PM
  3. cretz42#WN's Avatar
    looks good and clean.
    04-27-09 03:36 PM
  4. Divat81's Avatar
    Looks nice
    04-28-09 05:23 PM
  5. pamungkas's Avatar
    Great theme! Loving it!
    04-30-09 08:35 PM
  6. AClayeJ's Avatar
    Very Nice! Any way to get OTA? My Pearl's USB connection will not work.
    05-05-09 09:29 AM
  7. BBaker131's Avatar
    There are now 2 versions- 2.1 has messages and a calendar in the today plus section and also improved carets.
    05-23-09 11:30 PM
  8. BBaker131's Avatar
    Very Nice! Any way to get OTA? My Pearl's USB connection will not work.
    Sorry, I don't have a website to host OTA files.
    05-23-09 11:32 PM
  9. tovento's Avatar
    Very nice! I'm picky when it comes to themes, and I really like this one. Had the ver 2, now I am sporting the 2.1.

    Thanks for all the hard work! BTW, I've noticed that not all my new text messages are showing up on the main screen...is there a reason for this? Maybe it's just me. (fairly new to the phone)

    One request if it's possible: put a little number beside the battery meter to give a numeric percentage of how much battery power is left. Saw it in another theme and I liked having it.
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    06-12-09 12:27 PM
  10. troyc254's Avatar
    Nice Theme!
    06-13-09 07:11 PM
  11. Iceman's Avatar
    Nice Theme!
    +1 love the looks of it...
    06-13-09 11:27 PM
  12. wembley99's Avatar
    Fantastic work. Big thanks for posting these!
    06-15-09 05:07 AM
  13. sasha718's Avatar
    i like it...
    06-28-09 12:43 AM