1. Jinkolite's Avatar
    Hey people,
    ive been having problems with my my BBPearl lately,
    i have suffered from JVM 545 Error twice last week
    and i managed to reinstall the OS to it, i suffered from
    jvm 102 and 517 yesterday. I had a manor of problems
    redeeming it to factory settings by installing the OS
    again as everytime it was installing the app data it
    would disconnect from USB and restart itself. It did
    this atleast 20+ times to the point where i gave up.
    I even tried the JL_Cmder methods, no good.

    I tried to install and older orange OS onto it and it
    kept disconnecting aswell. At this point i gave up
    and went to bed.
    This morning i managed to gather patiences to try
    again. I tryed to install the newer OS onto it and
    it worked.
    Phone seems to be cool it rings out and everything
    camera doesnt work, but i can i understand coz it
    looks like THIS!


    WTF. someone please help as i cant even get into
    options to change the theme or anything.

    05-19-10 07:23 AM