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    Great drunk dialing story. We have a friend that once he starts drinking it his hard to get him to stop. He is like Tucker Max Drunk. So we were all out on night and he was pretty bad, so he decides that he is going to make a booty call to his ex. He hits a key on this phone (speed dial) and when she answer he starst right away with what he wants to do to her( I mean very graphic), I could not believe what he was saying to his ex, which was NOT his ex on the phone. Not her currect boyfriend, not his exs mother, not even her father. We can hear this woman screaming at him in the other end of the phone. So one of us takes the phone from him and was going to apologize for this vulger display, all my buddy can he was my other friend MOM ******** out " bring my son to me NOW!" I about sh!t in my pants. we were in the truck crying. He told on himself several times. When we dropped him off we got a lecture from his mother for about 45 minutes. I will never forget that night. He was forced to move out of his house by his MOM for the things he did in her house with that girl. Close to one of the best nights out.
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    LMAO, that's classic right there.

    I have a suggetion for the CB Drunk Dailing Party, we should hold it in Vegas. What better place can there be?

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    06-21-08 09:19 AM
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    OMG I'm dyin!!! From jello shots to drunk dialing...seriously this has started my day smiling. And the portion cups for dips from restaurants make the best jello shot containers ;o)

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    06-21-08 09:42 AM
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    Heh, wow, this is kind of funny. A few weeks ago, some friends and I were at a party, and we were saying it would be funny if some cell phone provider started offering free drunk dialing minutes. And we were saying that they'd have to put breathalyzers in cell phones, so they could determine whether or not you'd be using your drunk dialing minutes.

    On a more serious note, what good would it do it put a breathalyzer in a phone? Aren't cell phones commonly a saving grace in case you're at the bar and have had too much to drink, and need to find a ride home?
    06-21-08 02:38 PM
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    get rid of that ex's phone number dude. simple as that. why would you need it any ways if she is an EX GIRLFRIEND?
    06-21-08 03:02 PM
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    I guess I dont quite get what compels people to do certain things while drunk. Alcohol is nothing but an excuse!!! Would you do any of this crap sober?

    Never mind- dont answer; some of you might!!
    06-21-08 03:20 PM
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    Well I can't say I have ever made a drunk call. Wouldn't it just be safer to not get plastered? Or how about not having her number in the address book? Black & White list or Antair CallScreener may do what you want.
    I can honestly say I have been hammered to the point of passing out and still had the common sense to 1) not drunk dial and 2) not think I could drive.

    I dunno, I guess I am just in the personal accountability side of things...
    06-21-08 06:36 PM
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    I've drunk dialled SO MANY TIMES.
    well more posted pics to facebook I later regret... but it's all the same.

    Then I had an ingenious idea.


    works like a motha ucking charm!

    wow this sounds like an ad. But I was tired of risking breaking my phone or going on facebook to find a picture of myself drunkenly dancing and just feeling the SHAME!
    01-15-13 01:32 PM
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