1. Lyleez's Avatar
    I will attempt to make this as simple as possible because I don't know what else to do ... Let me first say that I have already spoken with AT&T, received another new phone today (same one) and spent all day reinstalling all my apps and what not, and yet here I am with the same problem. I have went through all the necessary steps with tech support, did what was asked and even they cannot seem to understand, but I have yet to call and tell them I am having the same problem. For the past few weeks, I have received a few texts messages and when open, it says text invalid or missing...but I do receive the text part, just not the picture.... I doesn't happen all the time, but I thought maybe it was just a fluke. Then I started to not receive messages and was told people aren't receiving mine all the time. That is a first .... the odd part about it all is that when I forward the text to someone else, I can see the text fully with the picture and all ...that is the odd part to me ..... if a text is sent to me with text and a pic I won't see the pic just the writing ... Like I said, did all the steps, battery pull out you name it ... was on the phone sending pics to myself and with them (AT&T) and the same situation .... They assumed the phone so now I have a new one and yet here I am again with the same issue... Where am I going wrong?? It is frustrating to not be able to see all my texts and pictures sent to me... I honestly thought it was a problem with Tmobile because that was the carrier that the 2 people kept sending from ...but its not .... then had a friend told me that she wasnt' receiving my texts when I kept responding to her ... so far up to now, I haven't had any issues like this ... can't honestly say when it started because I kept ignoring it thinking it was a fluke, but now happening way to often ...I would appreciate any help before I call AT&T once again ...

    Thanks much
    11-05-08 02:33 AM
  2. brianjr88's Avatar
    um maybe the space on the phone cuz if there not alot of space left the bb will stat removing txt's and stuff so might be something to look into but like telus dont have the mms option cuz of the pic thing lol they have it so if someone send me a mms with a pic i have to go to telus/snap but i have that setup so i get a email with the pic so im able to get the txt and the pic but ya...im not to sure could be the space is bein cut down but u might have to call at&t cuz they would know more inless someone else has had this prob here
    11-05-08 03:04 AM
  3. Lyleez's Avatar
    Thanks, but I have checked my space and have more than enough ... I am going to call AT&T back , but like I mentioned, just got this new phone because they tried to help and we got nowhere, so they assumed something internal with my phone .... I just can't seem to understand why I can't view it but the moment I forward it , there is it ....
    11-05-08 03:08 AM
  4. brianjr88's Avatar
    yea that is a lil messed..but could just be your carrier and they dont always look into **** u know..

    when i got the bb and got it goin with telus for a few days mms was there and then when i went to use it.. it was gone and i called and they said "blackberry's dont support mms" yet its one of the bb options but telus just does not want to say they have it turned off cuz would look bad..then the users get on a forums like this and learn telus is cutin them out on the fun lol u know..but meh give them a call like u said u was goin to but when u do ask to talk to someone who knows what the **** they are talkin about cuz u have called time and time again and get no where..give them a lil mouth and might get somewhere
    11-05-08 03:12 AM
  5. Heresy's Avatar
    try this....options/mms and the following settings.
    multimedia reception: always
    automatic retrieval: home only
    notifications I have allow delivery confirmation and allow read conformation checked. Nothing checked in filtering.
    11-05-08 07:21 AM