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  1. HaVoK b's Avatar
    so i got an old pearl 8100 bb from a friend and it still works perfectly fine, was trying to add free apps from the bb page but i dont have a data plan or anything and was unable to download apps to my computer and transfer them onto my device. this is my first blackberry and was hoping to tweak it a bit add a flashlight app i saw something about a video app for it as well.
    so how do i go about unloacking my device or adding apps and games? i have a few video and sound editors iWisoft and Audacity and the desktop manager and have no issues putting music, movies and images on the device but was unable to load any apps and was looking around on here but unsure as to where to find the correct info to unlock my 8100 and/or obtain free apps for it. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks :]
    10-06-14 06:08 AM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    First off, welcome to CrackBerry!

    Legacy BBOS devices such as your Pearl 8100 must be on a BlackBerry-specific data plan commonly referred to as BIS (for BlackBerry Internet Service) in order to use almost any data services including BBM, email, Browser, and download apps from BlackBerry World.

    It's both the strength and the weakness of the legacy BBOS platform. ("Legacy" as opposed to the new BB10 platform.)
    BIS is extra-secure as all data actually routes through BBRY's own servers. BIS also compresses data, reducing data consumption and therefore reducing monthly charges for many.
    When a device is activated on a BIS account, resources called Service Books are downloaded from your carrier. Service Books are both device and carrier specific. These Service Books unlock numerous apps & data services which otherwise do not work or are not even visible.
    10-06-14 06:17 AM
  3. HaVoK b's Avatar
    thanks for your quick response :]
    well i dont have a BIS and wasnt planning to use it for any messaging browsing etc was basically just going to use it for a pda /music player / video recorder / voice recorder / camera / music and game device. im not looking to twitter facebook or gmail etc on it i was just hoping there may be a way without a BIS to download some free apps and games i can use offline to add more functionality to it.
    also sorry about the duplicate thread forgot to turn off the flashblock on this site and so it said it didn't post the first time when it did.
    Last edited by HaVoK b; 10-06-14 at 06:31 AM. Reason: forgot to say thank you
    10-06-14 06:27 AM
  4. HaVoK b's Avatar
    ... well so far ive been able to search around and found these working apps for the 8100 pearl... blingball - allows me to custom color change the trackball , Dope Wars - retro drug dealing text based game , Freelight v1.0 - App for using screen and status led as a flashlight , BerryNes - a dozen or so snes games with the emulator to play it ( kinda glitchy )
    all games were loaded through the BB desktop software and require no data plan or browser connection of any type on my pearl 8100 all were downloaded to pc and transfered via data cable through the blackberry software.
    10-07-14 06:05 AM
  5. nelsonpml's Avatar
    Check out http://rroyy.com/apps/
    You can download the apps and put them in your BlackBerry via USB cable if the wifi on the pearl doesn't work

    Posted via CB10
    10-07-14 06:36 AM
  6. HaVoK b's Avatar
    ya the pearl 8100 has no wifi capability was like right before they started to do so XD i think the 8110 and 8120 have wifi though :/ as such i am looking for apps that are usefull offline. messengers and map apps that require a connection are useless to me :[
    10-07-14 07:06 AM
  7. HaVoK b's Avatar
    stuff like pda programs something i can set an alarm to a certain time and day with reminders, maybe some RPG style games or any offline apps like the flashlight app i got to increase its handiness. i heard rumours of one that allows the camera to record video but havent found it yet :/
    10-07-14 07:12 AM

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