1. ADberry's Avatar
    I am using the L theme but I dont know how to edit the shortcuts on it. Most of the current shortcuts are of no use to me. Can anyone help??

    Info on editing other 8120 themes will also be appreciated.

    05-12-08 01:03 PM
  2. sonjaschrauwen's Avatar
    I don't know if I understand you correct but if you go to the application field where you can see all the icons, the first 5 icons you see in your shortcut menu if you want to change them just go to the button you want and push the menu button and that replace icon and "drop" it in first place, ect. When you go back to the shortcut menu you see the first 5 icons. Is that what you mean???
    05-12-08 01:35 PM
  3. ADberry's Avatar
    My L theme has yahoo, gtalk, AIM, etc on the main screen which I want to remove and replace with calendar, calculator, etc. Is there a way to do that?
    05-12-08 01:42 PM
  4. pinkdaisy226's Avatar
    Just move the icons around in the main menu (where they are all showing) so that the first 7 (or whatever) icons are the icons that you want to show up in the L.
    05-12-08 02:19 PM
  5. ADberry's Avatar
    Ah ok! Thanks!
    05-12-08 02:26 PM