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    Sorry this is undoubtedly a very basic question but I'm a new BB user and I want to know how I can find out which OS my Pearl 8110 is using?

    Thank you.
    06-11-08 07:44 AM
  2. Evalast AV's Avatar
    alt+shift+H to bring up the help screen, then look at apps version...
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    06-11-08 07:48 AM
  3. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    Or go to > options>about
    06-11-08 07:49 AM
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    ^^^ Correct^^^ Welcome to CB! see ya around..
    06-11-08 08:15 AM
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    06-11-08 08:25 AM
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    Welcome! Let the learnin' begin!
    06-11-08 09:54 AM
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    06-11-08 10:09 AM
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    Go to OPTIONS > ABOUT and it Provides Your Device info..including the OS (Operating System) Usually within the first 3 lines of all that info (it's the number after the "V")
    mine says: v5.0.0.438. That means my version is 5.0
    I Hope this Helped.
    07-26-10 06:08 AM
  9. XerXes OlVt's Avatar
    How do I find out what OS my Blackberry is using?
    10-17-14 06:00 PM
  10. cbfan123's Avatar
    How do I find out what OS my Blackberry is using?
    Go to settings, click About. This is based off from memory but that should be it.

    ATT Z10
    10-19-14 04:15 PM