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    I'm still new to my Blackberry 8130 (Verizon) ... about 1 month now. And I don't understand why some, (not all) of my caller ID Pictures and Ringtones don't work. Instead, I get no picture and the default ringtone that I've selected for all other calls plays. Here's what I've tried thus far:
    • Went through the contact menus to select a picture and a ringtone from my media card.
    • Made sure that under profiles > advanced that all of those contacts with assigned pics or ringtones were listed with a checkmark.
    • While the phone was on, did a batttery pull and rebooted.
    • Checked to see if the phone numbers are entered the same way as contacts whose ID pics and ringtones do work.
    • Verified that the caller is not using caller ID block.
    • Selected pics and ringtones that are the same as those that work with other contacts.
    There are just some contacts that don't seem to work. I'm at a loss.

    Any other ideas?
    03-09-08 01:38 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Are all the pics in the same format? Same with the ringtones? Are they large or small in file size? What happens if you use a ringtone that is known to work?
    03-09-08 01:59 PM
  3. tlee's Avatar
    Hi sunkast, thanks for the reply.

    All pics are jpegs.
    The ringtones are mp3.
    I've also tried using built in ringtones, but it still goes to the default.
    I've tried ringtones that range from 59 kb to 649kb.
    Yes, I've used pics and ringtones that work with other callers.

    Also, callers are on the same network (Verizon) if that matters, but some work and some don't.
    03-09-08 02:46 PM
  4. sunkast's Avatar
    If you can't get other default tones to work, I would guess that the exception profile isn't being set up right for one reason or another...

    Have you tried a battery pull yet?
    03-09-08 03:42 PM
  5. jocko1960's Avatar
    I have somewhat of the same problem but the ID picture works. Just that the ringtones don't. Have also checked all the settings several times and all is as it should be. I just get the default ringtone set in the profile for any contact that calls. Assigning a ringtone to things other than callers, ie sms text, email etc, works as they should just having the problem with contacts.
    03-09-08 07:38 PM
  6. dacur's Avatar
    Can you tell us exactly how you are going about setting them up?

    Remember to save all changes.

    Doesn't matter what network the caller is on.

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    03-09-08 07:53 PM
  7. AnimalChin#CB's Avatar
    My callerID pictures seem to work great, except that they are tiny! Is this normal?

    They only take up about 25% of the screen, right in the middle.

    Also this is my first post here, but I've been reading for the past 2 hours. Great stuff in here! I finally found the BB resource I was looking for.

    I'll get my profile set up later today, I hope.
    03-14-08 01:13 PM
  8. D_Town's Avatar
    im having the same problem. my mothers tone worked ONCE. Now? Nada. Even though it says its right there. This is very very odd. I would like to get this fixed too.
    05-06-08 02:11 PM
  9. D_Town's Avatar
    question..the caller whos id doesn't work, are they saved somewhere else in your phone as well? i only ask because i just made an adjustment to my myfave contact and saw that the ringtone on their was different then the one in the phone book. im gonna see if this was confusing my phone.

    i know you have verizon, but maybe the contact is somehow saved as two different things?
    05-06-08 02:36 PM
  10. LittleJade39's Avatar
    This same thing happened to me. Everything worked fine and then one day the caller ID was no longer working and the personalized rings weren't working either. I also did everything mentioned above! I was on another forum and realized that somehow in my security settings I had my address book protection on. Once I turned it off, everything started working normally again!
    05-06-08 07:38 PM