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    Hi everyone, I'm a new crackberry addict (8130 Verizon), and I usually use my calendar to put in my shifts at work, but I'm none too happy with the calendar on my Pearl. Is there any calendar apps that can replace (in a way) the calendar? I'd preferably want one that's Palm-esque, but maybe I'm asking for way too much. Hopefully someone can help me out.

    Peace and Love!

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    04-21-09 06:35 PM
  2. talk-to-frank's Avatar
    what exactly is it that you want, which the BB cal does not offer?
    04-22-09 05:58 AM
  3. @ngel's Avatar
    You can try CalendarPro which is free, but I think that the BB calendar is great!
    04-22-09 08:21 AM
  4. shalea#IM's Avatar
    I would wait it out for CalendarPro. I just went to their forum site Sbsh.com and it seems to have quite a few kinks in its program and execution. I too am looking for something more colorful like the Palm calendar, but am unable to find anything close.
    I, as you, will keep my search. If you find something please post it here.
    Thanks BB Family.
    04-23-09 04:09 PM
  5. Mainiak Blaniak's Avatar
    I have been using calendar pro, to the extent that it is usable in it's current state of development, since it has been in public beta. I think it is going to have what you are looking for when it is completed. That being said, they haven't put out an update in a couple of weeks (I haven't been actively watching their forums recently to see what is going on, but usually they post over here when something is going on with their app) so I'm not sure how soon calendar pro will be really competitive.

    I came from a palm device running DateBk5 (yeah...it was a while ago) which is by far the best PIM application I've ever used. The closest thing I've found for BB to this point is PocketInformant. It allows more flexibility than the standard BB app in scheduling repeating tasks/appointments, allows user customizable categories with color coding, as well as icons if you purchase the add on icon pack (I like them but for me personally not worth extra money). PI costs some money, but for me it was worth it. They do offer a free trial to check it out before you buy.

    There is also Agendus, which I have not tried.

    Hope this helps you out some...

    04-23-09 07:40 PM
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    Before my 8130 I had a Palm 755p, and the calendar there was boss - simple, yet functional. It had a color code feature, and was easy to manage. The BB calendar to me is clunky, and you can only color code it based on the email....which to me (as a consumer-side user), I have no use for.

    --EDIT: Mainiak....where can I find pocketinformant?
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    05-23-09 05:31 PM
  7. panam's Avatar
    try google calendar with google sync, it works great
    05-23-09 05:48 PM