1. chiu.james's Avatar
    Hello, I am a crackberry newbie , a newbie to smartphones and data plans in generall... this is a problem with the Blackberry pearl 8130, 4.3 desktop manager version and device software.

    arghs.. i feel like killing my self.. spent 3 hrs and no available solution to my problem as of yet.. Checked forums and called sprint bb tech support... no one has really had this problem I assume..

    Ok so my problem is I am tryin to install Opera On the new Blackberry Pearl. I have tried installing via computer with Blackberry Desktop Manager - Application Loader. The problem trying to do that is that it states

    "The Blackberry Desktop Software does not have the Blackberry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator."

    Forums say I have to dl the latest service pack and device software.. It is completely updated..

    I have also tried skipping the step going to add.. (application.) and highlight the opera file and it states " no additional applications for your device were found." doesn't work

    So now I decide to call Tech Support after many crap transfers I got it..
    First I ask why there is no Browser on my BB. He states because since I don't have the BB data Plan. I ask the reasoning behind it. His explanation sounds correct in my opinion, basically it is that the phone doesn't recognize the data plan so there is no need for it. Blackberry doesn't have any plan based on usage, so no browser avail.. I am able to receive text messages.. I tried to dl the opera by SMS, but can't click the link..

    How is it with the BB 8830? or any other phone.. Anyone else have the similar situation?

    I have tried registering in the options place, I can't remember where exactly but there was no list.. Something like HRDN list or whatever?
    11-27-07 11:07 PM
  2. cjpark86's Avatar
    i have same problem with desktop for bb
    it says "no additional applications for your device were found" even though i have the data plan and the newest softwares for my device, i'm still waiting for a response on verizon tech support.
    11-27-07 11:22 PM
  3. blemoon42's Avatar
    cj im having the same prblem too when trying to install bb weather no application found i have newest desktop manager thats all i need on my pc to install it correct? tyvm
    11-28-07 04:56 AM
  4. Fbrn's Avatar
    I may be wrong on this but i think you need to download the os from verizon's website that has the 4.3 operating software for your device onto your computer. I did that and it helped. However when i first got my pearl I had the same problem that you are describing so all of my programs I loaded over the air. It was the only way that I could get them to work
    11-28-07 06:41 AM
  5. blemoon42's Avatar
    well i have sprint so i guessi need to go to sprints website to download it but all i see is the desktop manager software i apoligize im new at this so please bare with me lol
    11-28-07 07:20 AM
  6. masdumas's Avatar
    I'm getting that same error message - no programs available. I'm sort of new to BB (recent convert from palm) so how do i get the programs i've downloaded from handango to my device over the air if they are in my computer. Any help would be great.
    11-28-07 09:44 AM
  7. Fbrn's Avatar
    I had to go to that developers site and they usually have a OTA link. I installed from there. I would then just enter in the registration code that handango gave me to have it fully operational. What programs did you buy?
    11-28-07 09:49 AM
  8. chiu.james's Avatar
    Yeah I have checked sprint's website for the device software, I couldn't really find it but, I believe I have the updated versions, v4.3. I will call up sprint when i get home..The pearl was just released last friday, i'd assume it would be pretty up to date. problem doesn't have anything to do with it though )=.. since it is saying there is no device software?

    It seems I can't get anything OTA as my browser isn't letting me connect to the internet.. I couldn't even find browser in my application or main screen, I had to go to some option with switch application and it was there.. this is lame.. i feel like there could be many problems to it, but i wouldnt be sure what it would be.

    thanks for the help everyone..

    I was wondering is it illegal to downgrade the DM/device software? if not how can i do it?
    11-28-07 11:09 AM
  9. Fbrn's Avatar
    If you have set it up so that you are receiving email then you need to log on and get the service books resent to your device. That should get your browser up and running. Check out the Blackberry 101 Lecture 11 to get help on setting up email if it is not set up yet. I have verizon and they took at least 1 week to get the software posted on their website. The device software has to be installed on your computer and the actual device.
    11-28-07 11:24 AM
  10. tyancey's Avatar
    It took Verizon a couple of weeks to have the OS available for download. Give Sprint some time.
    11-28-07 12:04 PM
  11. kidqwik's Avatar
    I'm getting that same error message - no programs available. I'm sort of new to BB (recent convert from palm) so how do i get the programs i've downloaded from handango to my device over the air if they are in my computer. Any help would be great.
    The OTA installs seem to work better for me than the downloads to the computer and installing them with the 4.3 desktop manager. You can get the desktop manager from blackberry.com.
    11-28-07 12:57 PM