1. ywbyun's Avatar
    When I go to Options > Advanced Options > Applications I noticed that all my apps are in regular font except for VZ Navigator, which is in bold font. What does the bold font mean?
    03-31-08 12:49 AM
  2. shansen2's Avatar
    I believe the bold applications are ones that are exclusive to your carrier. I just checked mine and all my bold ones are the Sprint applications.
    03-31-08 05:14 AM
  3. tom1l21's Avatar
    im pretty sure they are applications in which you have "edited the permissions"
    03-31-08 05:23 AM
  4. shansen2's Avatar
    I haven't edited any permissions on mine. The only ones that show up in bold are the carrier applications that came with my BB. I will try to edit one later and see if it shows up in bold.
    03-31-08 09:49 AM
  5. ywbyun's Avatar
    I think both of you are right. My VZ Navigator is a carrier specific app and also when I check on the Edit Permissions, I see that some of the items are in bold. I'm sure this was done automatically when I downloaded the app. Thanks for your input.
    03-31-08 10:57 AM
  6. angelaa31's Avatar
    I am trying to figure out is there a way to hide ur application list in advanced options I put a application on my sons phone and I don't want him to find it
    01-18-13 11:19 PM