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    I searched for similar issues but didn't find any, so apologies if this has been covered already...

    I tried syncing my Pearl 8130 with my MacBook Pro (the newest model, running Leopard 10.5.6) for the first time today, and had all kinds of problems. I tried PocketMac (with updated drivers). I tried Missing Sync. In both cases I had the same problem.

    I think that the issue is quite basic -- there seems to be a problem connecting my Pearl to the MacBook. When I plug in the USB cable, the Pearl goes into a constant reboot cycle. I see the Verizon V screen, then the beach ball, rinse, repeat, and so on. The Blackberry never shows up as a device on my desktop, but if I look in the system profiler I see it hooked up under USB as a RIM Composite Device.

    Anybody have ideas on this? My Pearl hooks up fine to my work laptop (Windows XP). So, this feels like a Mac driver problem, but I believe I have the latest driver available (the one from the PocketMac page at blackberry.com).

    Any help appreciated...
    12-01-08 09:27 AM
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    Not an answer, but cross-linking because I finally did find a relevant thread in another forum:


    Sorry about the multiple post. Unfortunately, that thread isn't resolved either.
    12-01-08 10:48 AM