1. KingD67's Avatar
    Ok, so my wife has the Pearl 8100, and all of a sudden it isn't taking a charge, I tried to put the battery out of her phone into my Curve 8310 but it comes up with a picture of a battery with a slash line through it. So does this mean that her phone is screwed or is the battery bad. Please let me know ASAP, our contract is not up until next March......if I need to buy a new battery for her phone then I will, but if her phone is screwed I need to know that also. When we plug her phone into a charger it will not charge at all, when we plub my phone into the exact same charger is charges just fine.
    09-15-09 08:23 PM
  2. Jancy10's Avatar
    Yea it looks like a bad battery! Does your battery fit in her phone? Try putting a battery in her pearl jus to make sure is the battery and not the phone before you make a purchase!
    09-15-09 08:26 PM
  3. KingD67's Avatar
    Well we tried putting the battery out of my Curve into her phone and it booted up just fine, but when we plugged in the charger is still wouldn't charge....can I assume do you think that the usb port i bad on the phone...if so this really sucks as our contract is not due until March. Thanks for any help you can provide.
    09-15-09 08:36 PM
  4. CARTEEUSMC's Avatar
    try a car charger....thats all i can say. dc to dc. try that. as for anything else, you can get a pearl pretty cheap off craigslist!
    09-15-09 08:41 PM
  5. KingD67's Avatar
    Ok, I have it charging on my car charger, but I have to make sure it is only plugged in partially.....this sucks. Was hoping to hold off on buying any new BB's until our contract was up, but it looks like I will be looking to find her either another Pearl or a Curve at a good price to hold her over till contract time. Thanks alot for your help.
    09-15-09 09:47 PM
  6. CARTEEUSMC's Avatar
    king, sounds like your usb is going to ****e. im sorry to hear that. at least you can charge it a little. how about you do this. go to big lots and get a car charger ac adapter for 3 bucks and charge it that way. and one more thing I would suggest is that you charge it via usb, it charges faster that way anyway. or another suggestion is this....

    Amazon.com: BlackBerry Charging Pod for 8100, 8110, 8120, 8130 Pearl (Silver): Cell Phones & Service

    saves you the money on new phone
    09-15-09 09:55 PM
  7. CARTEEUSMC's Avatar
    Att blackberry pearl for trade or sell

    Att grey Pearl for trade or sale

    all in St. Louis.

    But if it were me, I would just buy the charging pod

    it uses the contacts in the back to charge!!! and its from Amazon too, and not from some third party. Get it and have them ship it fast!!!
    09-15-09 09:57 PM
  8. KingD67's Avatar
    Thanks for your input and suggestions, I went ahead and ordered my wife a dock charger in hopes that we can get through the next few months until our contract is up and we can get a better deal on a new upgrade. Really don't want to buy her a new phone yet if I can help it, sense it would be cheaper later on. She reads alot on her Pearl (Mobi Pocket, my fault...LOL) and has really been talking of getting something like the Curve or Bold (I have the Curve), when our contract is up. Once again thanks for the help.
    09-16-09 12:21 AM
  9. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    I have had to buy several replacement chargers, because the USB port with my Pearl does not work with all chargers. Its kind of hit-and-miss to get one that will work, so don't spend too much!

    Strangely, the phone charges very well with my bluetooth earpiece auto charger, which is great, since I've never had to buy another car charger.
    09-16-09 01:32 PM