1. pab1953's Avatar
    It's 3:12 am Eastern and I'm not a happy camper.

    I'm paying TMobile to provide me with a 24/7/365 data service ... and they are not delivering. Repeatedly, usually in the middle of the night, when I often wake up and want to go online, I have no EDGE service, just GSM.

    I've just been on the phone to TM tech support -- and they were less than helpful. Their take on the situation? My signal got hung up on a tower somewhere. Their solution? Turn off the phone for 30 minutes. The result? Still stuck on GSM.

    I've tried removing the battery, soft resets, turning the wireless connection off and on. Nothing works.

    This seems to be a nighttime phenomenon. Any ideas why that might be?

    Had the phone a couple of years and works fine most of the time.

    Any thoughts?
    07-25-08 03:14 AM
  2. Helen D.'s Avatar
    Same thing happens here, every night. And it happens not only with my web browser, but with the t-zones site as well. I've been with T-Mobile since Feb. and I'm not very impressed with their service so far...but I'm still impressed with my Pearl!
    07-25-08 12:34 PM
  3. Pete6's Avatar
    There should be no cost difference between GSM, GPRS and EDGE. These are just the names of the various data transmission protocols. You contract is about bytes per month and not about which protocol delivers them.

    The speed difference between EDGE and GPRS is about 3 to 1 in favor of EDGE but that's all. There should be no cost difference.

    What is the Differrence between EDGE vs GPRS in Cell phones? - Yahoo! Answers
    General Packet Radio Service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Why is this happening? Most likely T-Mobile techs have switched off the EGDE protocol for their own technical reasons. I do not believe that this has anything to do with a mast. The mast just transmits and receives on a given frequency. It is up to the computer to tell it what to transmit.
    07-25-08 01:01 PM
  4. crackberry penguin's Avatar
    It might be a tower reconfig. When I was with tmo that's what one of the techs told me; that even though I had gotten service in the months prior(day and night I might add) I wasn't getting it then. Meh I changed carriers LOL!
    07-25-08 03:28 PM
  5. StevenPearce20's Avatar
    Actually from my experience BB's will not have access to the data network unless the phone says EDGE, if it says GSM then texting and calling will only work, this is for both AT&T & T-Mobile, I have T-Mobile and I can confirm that when my pearl 8100 says GSM there is no data connection but when it says EDGE I have data, which means that T-Mobile has to have EGDGE everywhere on there network, just not 3G which is a totally different technology
    07-27-08 05:29 AM
  6. Jamie58's Avatar
    Very rarely do we get EDGE in the UK. I'm nearly always on GSM and have had no problems.
    07-29-08 05:06 PM