1. geoffrey1287's Avatar
    Hey all this is my first post but i really need sum help...went to cingular store but they couldnt help me so i figured id try this...

    First off I just moved to AZ from IL and i dunno if that was a factor but for sum reason i can now only send text messages but not receive them..anyone know of a setting that i may have inadvertently turned off? Emails work fine both sending and recieving but texts just send cant receive.

    Secondly whenever i get a missed call now the normal warning comes up saying missed call view/cancel, but when i click view and it brings me to recent calls it never shows any calls...the whole menu is blank, and i have tried playing with the whole settings on that regarding view all calls and missed calls and nothing works....even right after i call a person it may be in calls menu for a few minutes but it disappears after a few minutes and the menu is empty again....and also related to that menu is now whenever i go to that and start typing in a name to search and call....the names all appear at the VERY bottom of the menu and are actually halfway cut off by the bottom of the phone screen so i dont know why they are so far down...

    sorry if the questions are vague but any help will be appreciated!!! thanks a bunch!!
    08-21-07 09:31 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Weird! I take it you've already tried a battery pull (pull the battery while the device is on)?

    I bet the text message issue is to do with the device not connecting to the nearest tower to your new location. But, a battery pull should clear that. If not, I suggest speaking with Customer Service. I doubt a resed service book would help here...
    08-21-07 11:32 PM