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    Hey everyone,

    Got a wee problem, I have just bought a new unopened Blackberry 8100 Pearl which is locked on 02. I already have an Uk Pay as you go 02 sim card which i want to continue to use.

    Everything is fine, apart from, at the top of the screen its says that 'Data Connection refused' wonder what this means.

    Also I cant set up an email address or browse the web, any ideas how i can go about it, tried the 02 site but everything relates to the pay monthly tarriffs!

    Hope you's can help!

    is there anything at all i can do, unlocking? changng provider?

    Cheers Graeme
    05-03-07 04:37 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry.com

    To put it simply, you need to get data service from your provider. Is that even possible on pay-as-go?

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    05-03-07 05:20 PM
  3. tmag2005's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry.com

    Unfortunately you cant use a BB Data Plan on Pay As You Go. However you can use a Pay As You Go Data Plan if you have a contract SIM. Its about 2-54 per mb.

    YOu could always take your number across to a sim only contract and aa the data plan for 10 per month for unlimited usage.

    Hope that helps
    05-04-07 03:18 AM
  4. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    To me if you're getting a BlackBerry, you might as well get a 'contracted account'...

    I remember back in the day, in London, with Pay-as-You-Go, if you lost a phone, or something you could'nt get your number back you had to get a new one, and you couldn't port numbers...

    Is that still the case? If yes, it's not worth the hassle, just get a 'cheap' contracted account...

    Of course, this is just Navilyn's opinion...
    05-04-07 03:46 AM
  5. tmag2005's Avatar
    I`t is pretty much the case....

    I would recommend at least a data only tariff for 12.50 per month and then keep your pay and go aswell
    05-04-07 05:11 AM