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    New to this forum, had a blackberry for 5 years. Have had this problem off and on with all BB handhelds. Here is the issue.

    Sometimes when I turn on my BB after being off for a few hours, It will download and hold only the TEN most recent emails. So I turn it on, I can see it down loadiing 40 emails, but as the newest one comes in the 11th one rolls off and is gone. No matter if I have 30, 20 or 80 emails, I wind up with only 10 available on my BB as the others have rolled off into oblivion.

    Now, I have never worried about this, because it just seems to come and go. 95% of the time my BB downloads and shows all my (20, 30, 80...) emails. it is just that 5% kills me at times. Currently I am in New Delhi, from China, headed back to Florida in 2 weeks. This "time" my 10 email syndrome has lasted 2 days. In the past it seems to fix itself after a couple days. In the instance today, I was on a 5.25 hour Air India flight from Hong Kong. Flipped on my BB the moment (ok, that is a lie, 30 seconds before) the landing wheels hit the runway. I watched as at least 40 emails came in, and as the most recent one pushed the 11th one off the screen. Alas, I wound up with only the 10 most recent. This creates a realy hassel for me while traveling.

    FYI, I have removed battery. I have checked all my settings... Again, this only happens ever now and then and does not seem to be triggered by anything. This happens in the US. Sometimes when I wake up in the AM, turn my BB on, I see 18 messages come in, only the last 10 shown. I usually just dont worry about it as I see all the emails when I get to the office. When out of the country, this is a problem (back to the hotel to check the laptop). Some times I go for a month or two when this doesnt happen, then it does, but only for a day or two.

    Any ideas?
    05-01-08 08:02 PM
  2. Garz's Avatar
    Sounds like a low memory issue. Go to Options > Status and what does your File Free say?
    05-02-08 01:10 AM