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    Hi Chaps, Just getting to grips with me new pearl, I seem to have done something like switched modes or something cos when I now press or 'click' the trackball it doesn't select anything ??? also the menu button wont bring up any menus ??? both seem to work when the screen goes off and i wanna turn it on again but they take me to some contact finding function ???? It is also quite slow sometimes.
    Does anybody have any idea what i've done and how to restore the phone to how it was. (i have also reset it a number of times.

    03-31-07 10:35 AM
  2. krad's Avatar
    reload the os from the latest tim version
    03-31-07 07:21 PM
  3. productionmanager's Avatar
    OK tried that with the software from the service provider.

    No joy. the trackball tracks but doesn't respond on click, (but will turn the screen on having been idle for a bit) the menu button does nothing. Oddly by holding the menu button and pressing the trackball in I can get the trackball to select the hi lighted function. Something else I noticed after posting, the first row of buttons (ie, qwertyuiop) doesn't function at all ??

    thanks for the reply anyhow, any further suggestions gratefully received.
    04-01-07 12:33 PM
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    Sounds like you need to do a warranty exchange with your provider. Just make sure to put the original operating system back on.
    04-01-07 03:13 PM
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    **Edited thread title to make it more descriptive**
    04-01-07 03:18 PM