1. Pete6's Avatar
    Check out this link BlackBerry 9000 in the wild - Engadget Mobile and see the future.
    03-28-08 12:44 PM
  2. jackie treehorn's Avatar
    hmm i'm not real sure what i think about it. is it just me or does it resemble the iphone in certain ways?
    03-28-08 12:47 PM
  3. Garz's Avatar
    Kevin already posted this on the home page of CB today.
    03-28-08 12:50 PM
  4. Pete6's Avatar
    I saw the EnGadget article and thought that it looked a cool thing to post in the forum. I was not trying to be the first. I guess that if I had read it earlier, I would have posted earlier - if ya see what I mean.
    03-28-08 12:58 PM
  5. jonjonthebeast's Avatar
    Old news bee otch
    03-29-08 11:01 AM