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    I've made the switch to Apple and picked up the iPhone 5 a week ago today. I've previously had the BB8220 {the pearl flip} & the BB9100 {pearl 3g}. Feel free to check my profile to see my issues in the time I've been using Blackberries. What finely got me to switch was RIM dropping the Pearl series, I was a big fan. With RIM no longer having SureType and the os problems that plagued the brand, I no longer felt I had any loyalties to Blackberry.

    I went with the iPhone 5 because I just really like the way it feels, theirs just some thing incredibly ergonomic about it. In the last seven days that I've had it, I have to say so far I've been thoroughly impressed. The os is far more fluid, the display resolution goes beyond belief. Not only that as a iTunes account holder all my music syncs up with my device so easily.

    Places where the Blackberries still have an advantage over Apple is the lack of control. My BB's had the ability to say have a ringtone set at one level, yet have... bbm/text/email set at a lower volume. You can't do that as easily with the iPhone. What you set the volume at is for all, phone, text, email...

    You'll also lose the ease of transferring almost any audio file to use as any tone. Apple has tones to use... that are for sale... that you have to chose from. If your familiar with modifying formats & dragging files in & out of folders you will be able to change up your tones. I've also yet to see a menu that shows you the list of wifi networks saved to your device. If your not connected, you have NO access to saved networks {re-naming, deleting...}.

    Aside from those few flaws I'm really enjoying my i5.
    10-31-12 07:45 PM
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    thanks for sharing, Buh Bye...
    10-31-12 08:10 PM
  3. just_luc's Avatar
    Is anyone supposed to care?
    10-31-12 08:23 PM
  4. howarmat's Avatar
    10-31-12 08:31 PM

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